VR / AR EdTech Mobile
MEL Science fills the gap between hands-on science, experiments and technology. The company fully utilizes mobile and Internet technologies to assist young learners during experiments. MEL Science also provides virtual reality (VR) content that takes pupils on a virtual tour inside a chemical reaction.

According to the Science Magazine covering MEL Science: "The classic chemistry set gets a 21st-century upgrade".

AI / ML Computer vision Cloud
VisionLabs is a computer vision company focused on biometric face recognition. It's technology has been used by major Eastern European banking and retail customers. VisionLabs has also participated in and contributed to an open-source platform in partnership with Facebook and Google.

NFV / SDN Virtualization Cloud
NFWare is the developer of the world's fastest virtualized IP routing software for carriers' networks, data centers and corporations. It runs on standard x86 servers and handles the traffic at the speed of the most expensive network hardware from leading vendors.

Consumer Travel Mobile
FinalPrice is a mobile app that provides access to every travel need, including flights, hotels and rental cars with the minimum available price through the subscription fee. The fee is the only way it earns, so with FinalPrice users can get higher-quality trips for the same money. The company is based in Los Angeles and was founded by the experienced team behind the largest online travel startups in Eastern Europe with combined annual revenue of $1bn and Goldman Sachs, Tiger Global Management and Atomico as investors.

Big data AdTech Programmatic
Segmento is a major Russian programmatic platform which employs machine learning to target digital advertising. The company utilizes specific data of 84 million people and is relied on by B2B customers like Hyundai, Microsoft, Pfizer, Emirates, Samsung and many others.

VR / AR EdTech is a developer of virtual reality (VR) games. The company works on new ways of mixing science and gaming as well as experimenting with VR and AR devices. Its most popular games InMind and InCell have been published for all VR platforms, including Google cardboard, Oculus, Rift, HTC, Vive and Gear VR. In the first year, over 1 million games were installed.

The sequel InMind 2 VR has also been published for Google Daydream platform.

Consumer Marketplace Mobile
YouDo is the leading service marketplace in Russia that allows users to search and hire 230K+ local contractors for everyday household tasks.

Consumer Marketplace E-commerce
Ozon is the largest Russian e-commerce marketplace, also known as the “Amazon of Russia”. It is ranked by Forbes as one of the Most Valuable Russian Internet Companies.