The New Retail: Technology Trends

Sistema_VC invited experts to discuss how big data and machine learning impacts the way we sell and buy things. The New Retail conference continued the #public_tech series started as the communication platform for startups, businesses, media, scientists working in the same industry.

The event began with interviews of entrepreneurs producing innovative tech solutions for retailers
Eduardo Rivara, founder and CEO at Facenote (USA)
Tom Kopelyansky, Head of Global Operations at Mystore-E (Israel)
Sameer Puri, Chief Operating Officer at Intelligent Robots (the UK)
Networking breaks
Panel discussion about the future of shopping
Natalia Galkina, founder and CEO at Neurotrend (Russia)
Dmitry Filatov, Managing Partner at Sistema_VC interviewed by Kommersant, top tier Russian business outlet
More networking

Retailers cannot stand aside in the era of digital transformation. The importance of big data and artificial intelligence technologies is recognized by all market players. International experts joined the discussion organized by Sistema_VC to talk about the newest solutions that blur the boundaries between online shopping and offline shopping.

Among special guests there were Eduardo Rivara – Founder and CEO at Facenote (USA), Sameer Puri – Chief Operating Officer at Intelligent Robots (UK), Tom Kopelyanski – Chief Global Operations at Mystore-E (Israel),  Konstantin Popov – Founder and CEO at Cappasity (USA),  Daniil Matveyev – Chief Operations Officer at Brandquad and Natalia Galkina – Founder and CEO at Neurotrend . They have shared real-life experience and their opinions about no-checkout stores, AI-based goods displaying and other futuristic solutions.

“Competition forces the market players to transform the structure of their bisnesses by implementing the newest solutions into the operating procedures. With involving startups in this and developing the own IT-departments, retailers have become more of IT-companies. How did AI and big data happen to blur the border between e-shops and brick and mortar? The guests of The New Retail Conference organized by Sistema Venture Capital shared their experience and insights on this”.

“Founder and CEO of Latin American company Facenote Eduardo Rivara has created the technology able to remember the face of the customer who opted in by taking a selfie and recognizes him or her visiting a store or a beauty salon afterwards. Retailers can use Facenote to make tailored special offers and personalize communication with customers. The solution is valued by the American shoes manufacturer Melissa Shoes, beauty brands Coty and Natura and other compannies from the US, Brazil, Chile. At The New Retail conference, organized by Sistema_VC, the Founder and CEO of Facenote told RBC about the plans of the startup”.

Future Shopping by @diamagnetic